getting involved must do leadership #3

I was getting involved in my morning tea and lunch by playing 4 square, 4 square is a game where there are 4 squares and one person goes in each square and you have a ball and you have to bounce it in someone else's square and then make the ball not touch the ground out of the square  and if it hits the line itis carry on and there is first serve that's when someone gets out on the first severe that doesn't count and you can help other people out because if its about to touch the ground you can run and catch it for someone else. there is also a challenge where some one can throw the ball and say challenge and can say accept or decline and there is a king challenge where you have to accept.there is also a shin shine pr shoe shine where if the ball hits you in the shin or on your shoe.

I showed leadership while you were involved by playing my game and being respectful of others

I have continued to be a good role model to other students by respecting my pairs.


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