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peer mediation

On Thursday as part of my leadership role as as a peer mediator. we started at the younger children's class's and walked down to the older children then back to the younger children. I was goal focused because i could have just given up and played with my friends but I did'int I carried on.


Today we went swimming to jellie park. The year 0 to 4 the kakano  team were in the outside pool while  the 4 to 8  were in the inside pool. I was doing the width
kick board and free style race. I came 3rd in both of my events. It was nice because every one was cheering for each other.

leadership peer mediation

Well I was doing my duty of peer mediation we walked around the good spots miss O Conner had  showed us. It was good that no one needed us obviously they either had no problems or could sort them out by them selves .I was communicating with Polly when we said where we were going to next.