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kapa haka distinction #10 can do

Today is the performance day for the senior citizens concert I had to finnish peer mediation and then sprint to class to get my uniform and then I sprinted to the hall toilets to change into my uniform then I helped everyone put there hair into how your meant to have it and that is half up and half down but I had already done it in the morning so i didn't have to do it then we walked into the hall at sat down and then waited until everyone came in because our performance was first because the kapa haka mostly starts the performances like the senior citizens concert,the gala,school prize giving.ect
Then we did a warm up song and that was ka wiata. then we did our performance they seemed really happy .

I showed good leadership by not talking in between performances.

I  continued to be a good role model by just continuing even when I mess up the actions.

Peer mediation #10 distinction can do

whilst i was on duty of peer mediation I walked around the field and then walked past the senior playground and there were no problems so I just carried on and every one that was on the field was wearing there hats then i walked past rooms 1,2 and 3 there were some people playing on the clock
then there was a problem because someone said that they taged the other person but the other person said that they didn't so we came and asked what they could do to fix it and they both agreed to replay it so they did  then we walked down to the Juniors they were running around and having fun.

I showed leadership to the younger students by helping them with there problems.

I continued to be an good role model by walking around most areas of the school in my time.

kapa haka #9 distinction cando

At kapa haka I sat in my lines at the front and about 6th from the right we started by singing tai tapu and then we talked about the performance that we had next week that was the senior citizens concert then we sang tenaematoe and then we sang it again but a bit slower so that we could do the actions and so that every one new the actions after that we sang hallelujah the next song we sang was  ka waiata after that we sang tai tapu again personally I think that this is the song that we know the actions to the best and that we sing this song with a lot of pride witch I am happy about.

I continued to be a good role model to the younger students by singing with pride in all the songs.

 I showed good leadership by not talking in between songs or when the teachers were talking.