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I can recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns In this unit I have been learning about:

In this unit I have been learning about: The parts of speech. The types of nouns. The types of sentences.

In this unit, I found challenging was identifying the types of sentences.
Something new I learnt was what different types of sentences mean.

kapa haka #8 excellence

today we went to kapa haka and when we got there we had to run though the performance and then we had to perform it two a lot of kauri students they said that they liked how we moved in hallehluya they and how our transitions were sharp and quiet and another mr rule said that we were really enthusiastic in taitapu and then we performed it to the younger students and they really liked it too we did the haka and some of them were scared and some were laughing.

I showed excellence by trying as hardest as i could.

I showed leadership by not worrying what others think of me and just being myself.

Showing respect At Technology and on the bus. excellence must do #2

on the bus I was talking to the person beside me.  I was also respecting the bus by not picking at it the sets 
at tech  I was paying attention to the front   I was also getting on with my work 
I showed excellence by getting on with my work
I showed leadership by getting my work done a fast as i could

Kauri Team Events eg assemblies, swimming and athletics sports etc.

On Thursday the 25th of August we went to the Canterburys for the winter sport tournament for hockey we played 5 or 6 games we won the first one and the tied the next three then we lost the last two we don't know what place we got because the people that were doing the scores needed 15 minutes to work it all out, but we had to be back at the bus by 1:20 so we didn't know what place we came, when we got to where the bus was meant to be we walked all the way down the road to  ask if any of them were our bus but none were ours so we rang the bus company and it was actually coming at 2:20 so we had to wait for it to come.

I showed excellence by being patient.

I showed leadership  by not moaning.

Kapa haka excellence #7

Today at Kapa haka we ran through the performance a few times then we got Mrs trotter , Mrs hall and another person to watch our performance they said it was really good then they left and we went through the performance another few times then we got into a line from tallest to shortest I was number 14 from the back it took about half an hour until I got my uniform

I showed leadership by waiting patiently.

I showed excellence by being a role model and talking quietly.

Peer mediation #7 excellence

At my duty of peer mediation we went around the field to the senior playground then past rooms,1-3 then past rooms 8-11 then round the old music room then we did that round arraigned but we had no problems.

I showed excellence by doing my duty.

I showed leadership by helping others with there problems.

kapa haka excellence

At kapa haka we did our cultural festival songs twice and we did our transitions between them after that we did the poi that we are doing for it .

I showed leadership by getting involved.

I showed excellence by paying attention to the front.

peer mediation #6

At my duty of peer mediation we did our rounds around the classes first we went around the field then around the little kids classes then around classes 1,2 and 3 then we went past rooms 11,10,9 and 8 then back around the field. we had no problems. 
I showed excellence by helping others.
I showed leadership because i was being a good role model.