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Technological Challenge Poster

This is our poster.



New Zealand's Weather

WALT know what different words mean.

My goals for term 3


explanation writing

WALT explain how or why something occurs.How big is the biggest plane in the world?
The biggest plane in the world is called Antonov   an-225 Mriya. The maximum weight this plane can hold is 640 ton.

The Antonov an-225 Mriya once carried a 256 ton  payload which broke the 110 world aviation records. The Antonov an-225 was created in the 80's and completed  in 1988 it was made in Ukraine

The plane was originally built for carrying the Soviet space shuttle now it is used as a passenger aircraft.

The Antonov an-225 Mriya is powered by six turbofan engines it was completed in 1988 after successfully fulfilling its Soviet military missions. 

The Antonov an-225 Mriya is the biggest plane in the world and was orignally built to carry the soviet space shuttle now its used mainly as a passenger aircraft.

Time line

Kuaka the marathon bird

information report my hero

Simpson and his Donkey

I just heard this on audioBoom and thought you'd like to listen to it too.

Simpson and his Donkey

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My term 1 goals review


Self portrait

WALT: Paint a self portrait in the style of Henri Matisse

My goals for term 1


Communicate means.....