peer mediation#8 excellence

On my duty of peer mediation we walked around the field and then we went though the senior playground after that we went past rooms 1-3 then we went past the library and rooms 8-11
then we went around the reception room when we walked past the years 0-2 playground we found a girl crying and we had to calm her down so we could understand what she was crying about and it was that she thought her friends didn't want to play with her but they did they just wanted to be the leader as well as her in the end we said to her that they will play with her but they needed to have a go being the leader by then it was time to swap with the next people ( we swap at 1:10 ).

i showed leadership by showing them that it is all right to share.

I showed excellence by trying my hardest to fix the situation with a win win solution.


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