peer mediation #10 excellence

On my duty of peer mediation we went past the years 3/4 playground there were no problems so then we went around the sand pit and then we saw i girl crying and lying on the ground so i ran over and her friend told me that she fell off the reception room stairs and hit her head on the concrete so one of the peer mediators ran and got a teacher because you need to fill out the sick bay form then we took her down to the sick bay after that we went down in between the hall and rooms 5 and 6 then as we were going through there the teacher on duty told us to go to the office and ask if they could ring the wet lunch bell so we did and just in time as well because when we were just about to get to class it started to hail  and then when we got in class it started to hail really heavy.

I showed excellence by helping as many people as i could.

I showed leadership by helping other people.


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