kapa haka #2 excellence 2017

Today was kapa Haka. We firstly went and took our shoes off (as normal) and went to sit down on the hall floor ready to listen and learn new actions and songs! we found out that we are going to do a performance for our open afternoon we are going to open it we get to spend 15 mins doing it and we are going to do five songs. We then practiced more new words for a song there is a part that the boys were meant to sing and matua was going though it with them and none of them were singing it so he told us(the girls) to try and we did it really well so then he told them to try it again they sang it but just not as good as us . We then practiced Ka waiata because we all love and all sing in our classes.
I showed respect by trying the actions as best I could.
I showed leadership by showing good banter is good


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