home learning challenge #2 2017 exellence

For this home learning challenge I went to three high school open nights I went to riccarton,  hillmorton and lincoln. they were all options at the start but when I went to them I didn't think lincoln suited me so I won't be going there but I don't know what to do with riccarton and hillmorton I really like them both so if I don't get into riccarton it will make my decision way easier because then I wont have to decide the hillmorton one was at the night time the lincoln one was before the riccarton one in the afternoon and the riccarton one was at night time but for the riccarton one we had to book in to get a tou where as the others you didn't have to.
I showed leadership by knowing what my future will be.
I showed respect by not saying that lincoln high wasn't as good as the hillmorton to everyone else there its a good school but just doesn't suit me.