key leadership role blog post #2 excellence 2017

On Monday the 29 of May all of the student leaders went to the city centre. We went by bus and we left school at 8:30 to get to the city council building about 9:00. Then we got there and met a city council tour guide that told us about what they do, they organise events, fix roads, look after any playgrounds and make decisions about where any buildings go or overall decisions. After that we were talking about how many many people there are in the city council and the different groups in the council, there are seven different groups. After that we got in to groups of three and met with someone that works there and they told us about their job/career. I met with a worker her name was Deb and she is a roading designer she can figure out where to dig in a road and she can design signs to put on the road and on her computer she can click a button and that shows her where all the water supply and wires things like that are under the ground.  After that we went for lunch to huchi huchi I had a sushi burger then we went back to school and got back at about 3:00.

I showed leadership by being an active thinker and listening to what the tour guide had to say and thinking how this could do with me.

 The care value I showed was community because I was respecting them on the bus the streets and at the city council building because that is a work place .


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