Peer mediation distinction #4

on my duty of peer mediation first we walked around the junior area and then we went to the junior playground after that we walked around the field and then we saw some people playing the pals game and it was capture the flag after that we then walked though the senior play ground and there were no problems after that we walked around rooms 1,2 and 3 there were a few people banning the balls at the hall and we just reminded them that it could damage the wall and its just not good for the wall.then we walked past rooms 8,9,10 and 11 there were some people playing a game with each other but there was one problem but that was just because someones ball went away and then another person ran and got it but then the other person  thought that the other person was going to steal it but then we came and they just said sorry and moved on.

I was being a good role model to the other students by helping everybody I could.

I showed leadership by walking around all areas of the school'


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